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Early development is very important with infants. From birth until 4 years of age a child’s brain is like a sponge and absorbs what they see and what they are taught. Our experienced staff at Young Memories Learning Center will help guide your child during this stage in a positive learning environment.

COGNITIVE SKILLS: Infants develop cognitive skills when recognizing familiar sounds like animal noises, or the voices of family members, friends, or teachers. Infants explore most with their hands and mouths. Our teachers also help develop these skills with finger play and puzzles.

SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL SKILLS: Although social skills are limited for infant’s they communicate most by using facial expressions, and eye contact. They interact with others during sing-a-longs and tummy time.

FINE/GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: At Young Memories Learning Center we encourage the use of fine motor skills with infants through using puzzles, gripping small toys, or even learning to pick up food with their fingers. Infant gross motor skills come in to play when they learn to sit-up, scoot, and crawl.

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