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PRESCHOOL (3 & 4 Years):

This is an exciting yet challenging age for children. They are still learning a lot of things but take pride in being able to do things on their own. Young Memories Learning Center we allow children to learn at their own pace. We use lots of hands-on activities to help prepare your child for kindergarten. You child’s teacher, will help them to recognize the letters in their name and the alphabet, also numbers and colors.

LANGUAGE & LIRTERACY: At this age children begin to notice familiar things such as names, animals, and colors. We have story time and ask questions to reflect on the book afterwards. Students also have a chance to share their own stories during circle time.

MATHEMATICS: At Young Memories Learning Center we learn to count and sort objects by size, color, and shape. We also learn to recognize numbers by looking at them. Your child will learn how to complete patterns and use measuring tools such as rulers and measuring cups.

SCIENCE: Science is always an opportunity to explore. Your Child will discuss the weather, seasons, and changes that we see outside from day to day. We make charts to observe how things change over time, and also charts to compare and contrast items.

SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL: We build social and emotional skills by playing, your child will learn to interact with their peers and solve problems amongst each other. In the dramatic play area children learn to role play which also builds social skills. We remind students to be honest, generous, caring and patient.

GROSS/FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Preschool aged children want to be independent. We support this by encouraging them to use fine motor skills such as using utensils to feed themselves, learning to hold crayons, or using scissors to cut. Gross motor skills are used when children are on the playground. They are able to practice these skills by running, climbing, jumping, and throwing or kicking a ball.

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