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At Young Memories Learning Center we understand that at this age children are curious just like toddlers but they also want to be independent. Children will learn all through the day because any opportunity is a chance to learn something new. Our teachers support students wanting to be independent and strive to create learning experiences within a caring playful environment.

LANGUAGE & LITERACY SKILLS: At two-years old children are still learning new words and phrases. We sing with your child and do finger playing, and read picture books and enhance vocabulary.

MATHEMATICS SKILLS: We love counting and asking how many this encourages children to use numerals all throughout the day. We learn to recognize shapes and measure items using rulers.

SCIENCE SKILLS: Curious minds are exploring mind, and every day is a chance to learn. We love playing in the sand and water tables to see what is floating or sinking. At this age we learn body parts and differences between weather, colors and how things work.

GROSS/FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Preschool aged children want to be independent. We support this by encouraging them to use fine motor skills such as using utensils to feed themselves, learning to hold crayons, or using scissors to cut. Gross motor skills are used when children are on the playground. They are able to practice these skills by running, climbing, jumping, and throwing or kicking a ball.

SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL: We build social and emotional skills by playing, your child will learn to interact with their peers and solve problems amongst each other. In the dramatic play area children learn to role play which also builds social skills. We remind students to be honest, generous, caring and patient.

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