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Toddlers learn through creative activities. During the toddler stage children begin to develop their personalities and emotions such as trusting and caring. Toddlers and their teacher must have a trustworthy bond to have a successful learning experience. At Young Memories Learning Center we understand that toddlers are naturally curious and always want to explore new things. We challenge your child’s mind because exploring is the way that they learn.

COGNITIVE SKILLS: Toddlers learn new words and phrases every day. They learn how to walk and move around in their environment. Your child’s teacher will introduce names or colors, family members, and everyday objects that we see.

COMMUNICATION & EMOTIONAL SKILLS: At this age children are learning to use phrases and words to express their needs and wants. Our teachers work hard to improve your child’s vocabulary. We label items and name them aloud whenever students point to them. We encourage children to say how they feel so that they can learn different emotions. Our teachers also encourage students to use manners such as “please” and “thank-you.

FINE/GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Toddlers love to touch, feel, and explore things. We embrace these movements using fine motor skills through the use of puzzles, building blocks, and magnets. Gross motor skills come in to play when they learn to walk, run, crawl, jump, and climb. We provide age appropriate structures on the playground to help develop these skills.

SOCIAL SKILLS: In the toddler class students play throughout the day, but even through playful activities that are constantly learning. Our staff encourages the students to learn to share, take turns, and respect their classmates. We use sing-a-longs during circle time to teach unity.

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